Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Using Twitter to Tweet

Have you heard about Twitter, the micro-blogging tool that's swept the internet blogging scene? You are only allowed 140 characters (about two lines) in which to write, which makes you think in a totally different way about how to express yourself.

I Twitter (or Tweet?) under the user name I_Make_Jewelry (you need to use those underscore marks, or just click here, why don't you?) I don't use Twitter to promote my store or blog that often, and instead find it as a kind of way to take a ten-second break in my day to say, "I am here". Last night, for instance, I posted randomly about what song was on my iPod. Do you care? Probably not -- unless you're in the mood to find a new music artist. Twitter is like that -- you never know what you're going to read.

Different people use Twitter in different ways, and Hilary of 57 Design Studio wrote an excellent blog entry about how to use RSS feed and Twitter together. If you're an Etsy shop owner, this might be particularly interesting to you -- so click here to read her article and make Twitter work for you! She gives step by step instructions on how to incorporate your Etsy listings with your Twitter entries.

(logo courtesy of Twitter.com)

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  1. I love using Twitter. It can be fun....and true - sometimes you never know what you may discover.

    And the shop feed to twitter rocks! Blog feeds too :)


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