Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sneak Preview

I couldn't help but add another post today, this time of a piece of jewelry I'm quite pleased with. It started as one thing and turned into another, but I'll write about that later on Watch Me Create.

Speaking of Watch Me Create, click here to read my article about asymmetry and "wildness" in jewelry, featuring a piece that sold recently, so I must have done something right, at least with that one. You'll see a piece that didn't quite hit the mark in the article, too, and in a future article, you'll see how I fixed it.

(You can see more of my handmade bead jewelry at


  1. Anonymous7:10 PM

    I'm partial to the first piece of jewelry... maybe because it's red...

    Happy Valentine's Day Lorrie :)

  2. My taste in jewelry has changed so much lately, and everyday I grow fonder and fonder of unique pieces like these ones. Gorgeous job Lori :)

  3. My husband is a sweetie.....I wanted it for Christmas but he didn't really understand I was we found it at a market and he went back and got it! Yeah!!!

    Lovely jewels...

  4. Oh Deirdre, vintage toys are so awesome. I wish I had my old metal dollhouse that I cut the HELL out of myself with when I was five.

  5. I love the colours of these 2 pieces, especially the second one. I'm not sure what it reminds me of....summer? food? Beautiful!

  6. So beautiful! I love your jewelry. I am glad that I found your blog during OWOH! Bee back soon!


  7. Anonymous6:57 PM

    Hi Lori...I love the aqua and orange, so pretty!
    thanks for visiting my blog, and MrWhim will be so excited when he reads your comment. (shh, I think he rocks too! you should see my closet that he just painted PINK!)

  8. I like both os these-but the orange and aqua pop and really get my spirits up! :)

  9. What luscious jewelery you make Lori! You really know how to use color and metal in a really unique way. I'd say this is a gift.


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