Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kindergarten and Valentine's Day

Remember Kindergarten, when it was so much fun to get all those little Valentines?

Zack was the only one to handmake his, and a mom who happened to be in the class with me helping set up for the party made a snarky comment to another mom about "all that glitter everywhere". I just looked up and smiled and said, "Oh, that was us. Zack really enjoyed making them." What I really wanted to say was, "Yes, I know that glitter tends to get everywhere, and yes, my cats are still tracking it all over the house, but you should have seen my son smile as he made them, so back off." That, and few choice words that wouldn't have been appropriate in any setting, let alone in a Kindergarten classroom.

But I digress.

Valentines -- Zack is still going through his bag and reading each one, but he hasn't touched the candy:

Another thing to bring back the nostalgia -- remember these:

Necco message hearts. Yes, they are basically chalky little antacid hearts, but it's not Valentine's Day without these. However, trying to explain to Zack what "So Fine" and "Don't Tell" meant was as confusing as his pondering what XXOO meant and just WHY did they pick those letters? Why not HH and QQ?

Either way, hugs and kisses, everyone.



  1. Anonymous9:34 PM

    My girls wanted to make their own Valentines this year. Given everything else we had going on last week, I talked them out of it. Maybe next year...

  2. Aw! That's so sweet. Zack got a lot of Valentines. And as for the glitter, who cares if kids make a mess? It's the having fun and being creative that count. What a cool Mum you are, Lori! :o)

  3. How rude some poeple can be! My daughter enjoyed her first Valentine's day as well. She was so excited and kept reading the cards as well.

    She loved the one from her teacher most! So fun to watch them enjoy life...

  4. Kudos on having handmade Valentine's, I think Zack is gonna remember fondly this date because of this lovely detail :)

  5. It really BURNS me when people have to make comments like that - and the problem is, they feel bad about themselves, obviously, but have to try to make someone else feel bad instead. Can't well all just get along? : )

  6. i had forgotten how much fun valentine's day parties were until my oldest went off to kindergarten this year! many of the kids made their own valentines, which i thought was so sweet - glitter and all!


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