Thursday, February 19, 2009

A $114,000 Purse????

I try not to write about anything too controversial on this blog, for fear of hurting feelings, but this just tweaked a nerve.

My guilty pleasure is reading Star magazine. It's just the right amount of brainless fluff to get me through an hour on the elliptical at the gym. If you look over at the right side of this blog, you'll see that I read books voraciously, but sometimes I need a break from literature and have to have some gossip.

Now, I have always believed that a person has a right to spend their money however they choose. I don't like the idea of anyone telling me what I can and cannot buy, and what I should or should not buy.


There is an exception to everything, and that exception today is Posh Spice.

I realize that there are women who love hand bags. I have a fairly decent collection myself. And I also realize that there are "must have" purses out there that cost hundreds, and even thousands of dollars. The Hermes Birkin bag, for instance, starts (STARTS) at $7500.

I know this, but I don't understand it. But it's their money.

I draw the line, though at Posh Spice's latest acquisition -- she now owns, ladies and gentlemen, a $114,000 purse.


You read that right. Her purse costs as much as a house.

It's made of ostrich (don't get me started on that) and diamonds scattered across it. It has a 3 carat diamond on the clasp.

While you're letting that sink in, keep in mind, she has over a hundred hand bags in her closet.

Like I said, your money is your money, but it smacks me as offensive when someone who already owns hundreds of thousands of dollars of leather walks around with a $114,000 purse. Something is just so completely wrong with that picture.


  1. Anonymous7:29 PM

    That's just wrong. Plus, can you imagine the hue and cry if a diamond popped off at the wrong time, such as Dr. Seuss Day at the elementary school?

  2. Well...she'll soon discover that money cannot buy class...

  3. Somepeople need things to prove their worth I suppose. Terrible.

  4. That is just ludicrously ridiculous! That woman irks me.

  5. Hey I have an idea POSH....why don't you donate that money to a FAMILY that is in need of say...a job! Someone who has lost their income due to our crappy economy!!!

    Our she can be rude and popus...and buy a purse made of a bird....

    whatever...I am so OVER celebrities...they get my blood boiling!

  6. Yup. I do believe that people are allowed to buy what they want -- there are some expensive pieces of jewelry I'd love to own, for instance. But to buy something so insanely priced and to lord it around town when there is so much going on in the world -- that's bad enough without knowing what her shoe and purse collection is already like. And she doesn't wear the same thing twice, mostly.

  7. Anonymous1:01 PM

    wow, just wow. Shows me for feeling guilty about making a necklace that will cost over $100. I'm just not marketing correctly.

    And for a purse? the darned things are Made to be Lost.

  8. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Holy cow that's one expensive purse!! I hate to spend over $20 on a purse, however I did just spend $50 on one but I'm a sucker for Vera Bradley things, but that DON"T happen often! Maybe like once every 3 yearsa

  9. That is just nuts! I'm a bag fanatic too and this Christmas my hubby bought me a Dooney & Burke bag that I thought was WAY over my price range! I usually carry handmade bags! He knew I'd lusted over this bag for ages, but would never buy it because of the cost so he made it the biggest gift for me! It is the only purse I'll ever need now!
    But, to spend that much on something that is used for a season or 2 by someone into fashion is rediculous! In fashion or not I'll use my bag until I die!

  10. With so many ways to help others with so much less, she could take a lesson from other celebrities who support humane causes.

  11. Always Inspired -- I agree -- A Dooney and Burke or Coach bag that you use forever is one thing. I have a Coach bag and love it but it's definitely been used and used and used!

  12. Oh my. I'm very glad you didn't post a photo of the purse, because it sounds just horrific!

  13. Anonymous10:30 PM

    And it's not even tax deductible!

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  14. OMG! What are we teaching our kids? They look up to a woman with a purse that costs more than some of the project buildings they live in. And as I type, there is a "tattoo" Barbie ad on TV.


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