Friday, January 09, 2009

In Which Nothing Continues To Be Done

The people who know me will laugh when I say, with hands pulling hair out, "I've got to get organized this year." Because mostly, I've been known as a pretty multi-tasking kind of gal.

This is true. However, there is something called Critical Load and I hit that about oh, six months ago.

So this year I decided that I'd help myself out and Keep It Simple by making a list every day, of only five things that really MUST get done. If something doesn't get done, it gets moved to the next day, not shuffled into forget-about-it-dom. And if, while I'm completing a task on the list, I see something else that, oh HEY! needs to be done, it has to get added to the list. At the bottom.

To start this endeavor, I picked up my brand new Diary produced by a bunch of artists. If you click the link, you'll see some of the examples. So not only do I have a cool diary (I do so love journals and notebooks and anything paper), I get to visit a new, cool web site each day.

This worked for approximately two days.

First day:

Smugly wrote my list down. Accomplished four things out of five, moved the one not-done to the next page. Looked at cool web site. Patted myself (again, smugly) on the back.

Second day:

Wrote down only three things to do. Looked at cool web page. Thought, eh, I'll do some of that this evening. Went back to bed.

Third day:

Wrote down two things, did one, said "screw it", went back to bed. Forgot to look at cool web site.

Fourth and fifth day:

Completely forgot everything, including the existance of the Diary. Which meant I missed my OWN page in the book. Cripes. Dug the diary out from under a mound of things to do.

Now I'm so far behind that I'm skipping days ahead to write things down, which is really cheating, but the list won't stay under five things if I don't.

(BTW -- writing a blog entry wasn't on today's list. Sigh).



  1. Anonymous9:33 PM

    At least you're organized. I operate on the Post-It note system.

  2. But you are an artist! You cannot live by lists and what-not. You have to follow your, your...muse, yes that's it. It's not your fault, it's the fault of your muse...right? ?


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