Sunday, January 11, 2009

In Which the Jewelry Goes Missing

I know you've been wondering where the new jewelry is.

Well, I've been taking a much-needed, must-have break. I'm exhausted, and in 2008 I way overextended myself. So right now, I'm getting ready for filing taxes, knitting a bit, playing Wii with my son, going to museums, reading a ton, and catching up with friends. I need to take more time to chill, to let my creativity recharge.

But never fear. I made a few things when I could rouse myself up to it, and I do have a show coming up February 7th. If you're in the Northern Virginia area and want to treat yourself to an all-jewelry show, click here for the info. And if you're near Easton, MD, I'm teaching a class at Evergreen Cove.

The other thing that's been going on behind the scenes is preparation for a new company. Lori Anderson Designs isn't going anywhere -- I'm just planning a new company, too. That probably won't hit the streets until later this year, but I promise to keep you posted.

But I've been stocking beads for this year -- don't believe me? This is ONE days' mail. One.

(As for the necklace above, it's fresh for spring, ready to be sold (so email me if you want it). I learned the technique from Stephanie Sersich, whose work is nothing short of amazing.)


  1. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Gorgeous, as always.

    I want to know what's in that Amazon box.

  2. Holy BEADS, batman!!

    The necklace looks great! :)

  3. Oh! I was about to ask if you buy beads at amazon! I was already heading for my bookmarks to check out their beads, haha!

  4. Take some time for you...we need you healthy!

    And I want to see the boxes opened! :)


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