Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Birthday in the House -- Zack Turns Six

Six years ago, at 11:37am, amidst quite a lot of craziness and doctors and machines, Zachary Richard Anderson was born. He is to me like nothing else. He's a terrific swimmer, is often hysterically funny without meaning to be, and always carries a quarter in his pocket to give to poor people on the street when we go to Baltimore.

I'm not making that last bit up. He has a soft spot for street people and when we stop at a light and there's someone asking for money, he always wants me to give them his bags of cookies or treats we've carried along for the ride. The other day, I asked him to hold my hand as he crossed the street on the way to the Science Museum, and he didn't do it, so I looked down....

"Zachary, what the heck is in your hand"? (me, thinking he'd taken a toy with him from the car)

"A quarter."

"Why do you need a quarter?"

"In case we see a poor person."

Ah. This child of mine.

I like to think of birthdays as Birthday Weeks. He got one small present early in the week, and another small present further into the week. Pizza was delivered last night. Then he got his main presents today.

Friday, of course, was Take a Birthday Treat to Kindergarten Day -- and oh boy were they all excited (and that was before they got all hopped up on sugar.) Zack had already told everyone days in advance that no, Mommy wasn't bringing cupcakes, she was bringing Rice Krispies Treats dipped in chocolate (with a piece of marshmallow to keep them from falling of the stick).

Today being the actual day, he was quite excited to capture his loot (Legos and an art easel).

He has been building things and painting things all day long, taking a break only long enough to bake a strawberry cake with Mommy, and then carrying pieces across to the neighbors.

All in all, the day was a success. Zack doesn't do well at birthday parties, his or anyone else's, due to too much sensory overload, so the little school party and then today's activities were just the thing. Delivering cake to the neighbors was his way of taking his party to everyone else, and he felt very important doing it.

I do so love this son of mine.



  1. And so do we, and so do we. More and more each year, as it should be.
    Happy B-Day my darling Zack from Mimi Allegra and Barry.

  2. Anonymous9:16 PM

    What a cutie patootie.

    I love the treat you took to school. I'm going to have to try that.

  3. You have to make a double batch of the stuff to make them thick enough -- as I learned too late. Cleaning that friggin' pan just to do it all over again -- not fun.

  4. I don`t know where the time flies, but you will spoil your son more each year. I wish I were one of his classmates to have a treat too! Lucky duck!

  5. So, where oh where do the time go?

    I just love that he knows just what's right for him.

    Hapy New Year, my friend.

  6. Wow - what a kid, with his empathy for the less fortunate.

    Happy birthday to Zack!

  7. What a beautiful post!

  8. What a great kid! You done good :-)

  9. I LOVE HIM TOO!!!!

    You are a COOL mom!


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