Sunday, December 07, 2008

A White Christmas Tree

This weekend, we put up the Christmas tree. While some have huge wonderful live trees, I gave up live trees long ago. All it took was a leaking tree stand + lots of presents already under the tree = frantic rush to buy new presents to put me off live trees.

I have a lovely green artificial tree that works just fine. Before Zack, I could spend two days decorating it, with hundreds of lights and ornaments all over.... not just on the ends of the boughs, but inside the tree, and all with major thought to what-goes-where. It was nothing short of spectacular.

Enter Zack at three years old. For some reason, I know not why, he decided he wanted a WHITE tree. Alrighty then. We spent some time visiting a ton of stores before finally finding an affordable white tree, which also came with lights already on it. Bonus!

So up it went....

This year was also the first year we used our "real" ornaments. For the past two years, we've let Zack pick out some barrel-o-plastic ones in bright colors -- no breakage, not much money. We also made paper chains and all kinds of homemade things. But this year, he got to see for the first time all the breakables -- the Radkos and the Swarovskis and a ton of others.

I'd forgotten about a lot of the ornaments, and the stories behind them. As we unwrapped each piece, there were collective "oooohs" and an occasional "aw geez" when we found a broken one. Took us a while to dig through three huge boxes, but we made it.

Right now, Zack is lying underneath the tree, looking up into the lights, just like I did as a kid. Some traditions are timeless... I think I'll join him.


  1. Anonymous6:48 PM

    He's such a cutie.

  2. Ours is up but not yet decorated. I want to feel at least a bit better in order to get myself really into the spirit. Last night was another sleepless night so I suspect the tree is not getting dress until tomorrow, sigh.

    Why don't you just send me my little helper? that may get me up and about in a NY second! Everything looks just lovely, as always.


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