Tuesday, December 09, 2008

What We're Getting For Christmas

1. A new dishwasher.

2. A new floor because old dishwasher (2 years old, I might add) has a plastic part that decided it was done working. Laminate wood floor + small amount of water hanging out under the floorboard = curling boards.

3. A contractor to do all the labor, because Rick is getting a new knee on the 30th.

4. Soap. To wash out our mouths when we found out how much it will cost to get a decent dishwasher that does NOT have plastic parts.

I suppose it could be much worse. We could have to get a new roof, or new siding, or something equally expensive and unsexy. The fact that we even HAVE a dishwasher is a luxury some don't have. I quite remember the days of my first house, when the kitchen was cute as a button but dishwasher-less.

And oh hey, this totally solved the "what do you want?", "nothing, what do YOU want?" question of gift giving between me and Rick.

Anyone else getting a Christmas present like this?


  1. Anonymous9:41 PM

    Ugh. What a bummer. If it's any consolation, we're on our fourth dishwasher in nine years. We always do the research -- carefully read Consumers Reports and buy what they recommend -- and 24 months later it croaks. Then, we spend 6 months wasting money on repairs, only to be told that it's not worth it anymore.

    Yes, I'm a little bitter.

  2. lol! this made me laugh lori not because of your dishwasher going capute and killing your floors but because you guys sound like Joe and I. We got new vanity, counter tops and fixtures for the master bath for xmas lol!


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