Friday, December 05, 2008

A Dad's Letter to his Son

Recently, Zack's Kindergarten teacher got the idea of having parents write their children a letter telling them why they were thankful for them -- something that they could keep forever. She got this idea from a teacher who had a student who lost his father at a really young age, and who found a lot of comfort in a letter his dad had written to him before he died.

I wrote my letter, and asked Rick to write one of his own. I don't know what I expected, but what I got just brought tears to my eyes. Rick is a fantastic father, has already single-handedly raised two boys to their mid-twenties (they are wonderful, amazing men), so I don't know why I was surprised at what he wrote.

I'm sharing this with you because if you have kids, no matter what their age -- sit down and write them a note. It doesn't have to be long, just from the heart. I guarantee they will treasure it always. And what a wonderful Christmas present, don't you think?


Dear Zack,

I am thankful for a son who likes to go kayaking with me. I love showing you new things and knowing that you are interested in those things. I love your interest in seeing eagles, ospreys, herons, and everything else. I especially like asking you what the osprey is saying we get close to her on the kayak.

I am thankful for a son who likes to bike with his Dad. It is so much fun sharing that time with you and hearing you say hello to everyone we pass. I like it when we take a break and I get a chance to watch you play and it is really special when I hear you laughing.

I am thankful for a son who likes to go to the zoo and the museums with me. I love when you ask me questions about things and just assume that I will always know the answer … even when I don't.

I am thankful for a son who always wants to help whenever there's a chore that must be done. No matter the size, you are ready to take on the job and lend a hand.

I am thankful for a son who loves everyone in his family. I love it when I hear you responding to that commercial on TV and you saying that you are thankful for Mommy, Daddy, Ryan, Colin, Nana, Pop-Pop, Grammy, and Pappy.

I am thankful for the son who is polite and courteous when we go places together. I love to hear you say thank-you without prompting from me to other people.

I love you!



Now go and write your letter!

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