Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Terrific Blog -- A Fanciful Twist

I recently discovered the most visually-appealling blog -- A Fanciful Twist -- Through the Secret Keyhole, which is written by Vanessa Valencia. She describes herself as "a strange and curiously artistic woman from the 1800's trapped in the body of a thirty year old girl living in a bizarre Arizona."

She makes all kinds of art, from mixed media to jewelry, and she's been published in various magazines, including Somerset Studio.

The photography on her site is what drew me in, and her stories are what make me stay. She talks about art, of course, but also things like making biscuits...

... and cutting flowers.

My favorite entry is "Gypsy Magic" -- the photos are fanciful and amazingly dreamy and exciting at the same time. "Dia de Bloglanda" comes in a close second.

She just has a way of looking at the world that I find unique, and definitely inspirational.

And lucky for us, she sells her beautiful things (click here) and can see all of her albums by clicking here.



Click here to visit her her blog!


  1. Anonymous5:08 PM

    Oodles of hugs!! You are an inspiration Miss Lori!!

    Love your creations, and I enjoy your wonderful spirit that exudes!!

    Thank you for this beautiful post!! xo, Vanessa

  2. oh my isn't she delightful! I found her a few months ago in Artful Blogging Magazine. Love all that eyecandy :)


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