Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Two Hours in India

So I sit down this afternoon with a pile of paperwork, planning to get caught up while adding music to my iTunes list. My iPod is getting a little tired of the same music and I have four huge binders of CDs, so there was really no excuse for that.

Opened iTunes, and a box pops up prompting me to download version 8.0 of iTunes. Downloaded, and hit "restart" as prompted.

Aaaaaaaand, it rebooted to a pure black screen.

Nada. Computer gone.

If I didn't have a ton of pain meds in my system at the time, I believe I'd have majorly freaked out. I knew I had all of my files backed up, and they back up every day -- I just had no computer.

Thus came the dreaded call to the Compaq/HP customer service line. Which is in India. I had a nice chat with the tech (Siddhartha) about India and call centers and such. We had lots of time, as my computer would take FOREVER to do anything it was prompted to do.

Two hours and 49.99 later, computer is fixed. Sort of. Tried to visit iTunes again, bam, same thing happens. Black screen. But this time, at least, I had a quick fix for it.

A visit to the iTunes forums told me this isn't an isolated incident. But that doesn't help me load music onto my iPod.

Where's that radio?



  1. Anonymous8:38 PM

    Now I'm scared to open my own iTunes.

  2. Yeah, I'm royally peeved.

  3. This has happened to me as well; even tho Barry came to the rescue twice now when they send me the famous "an upgrade is available" I hit delete before they decide to go ahead whether or not I say nothing to that effect.

    If you ask them I am sure this is a new "feature" never a bug! What a pain, and we pay for this on top...arghhhhh


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