Monday, October 20, 2008

Tag, You're It -- Seven Random Things

I got tagged by Kerry of Kab's Creative Concepts to tell you seven random things about me. I'm supposed to tag seven people back, but as I'm packing yet AGAIN to hit the road on Thursday (three weekends away from home = very little time to catch up), I'll have to do that later.

Here are my Seven Random Things:

1) I understand, can read, and used to be able to speak Korean. (I am, however, quite rusty).

2) I used to want to be a forensic anthropologist.

3) In 1999, I competed in the National Aerobics Championships. (No, that's not a photo of me, but of Sylviane, who is amazing. But yes, I could do that.)

4) My ideal day starts around 11am and ends around 3am.

5) The first concert I attended (and while in high school, and on a date) was Barry Manilow. I haven't listened to him on purpose since.

6) My dream vacation is to hit Angkor Wat, with off-trail trips into Vietnam.

7) I still enjoy a fresh box of Crayola crayons all for myself.

So make a comment below, tell me something random about yourself!



  1. I've been tagged again myself so I'm not sure I have anything else to share. Oh here's something. I'm allergic to Selenium.
    I'm impressed with the visual aids. Well done !!

  2. 1. I lived in Asia for nearly 11 years.
    2. I owned the same car for more than 30 years.
    3. My first experience with computers was a Tandy TRS-80 in 1978.
    4. In my teens, I used to build rockets as a hobby.
    5. At seven, I developed peritonitis from a burst appendix, and should have died.
    6. I'm no artist, but have been known to doodle hot-rods in my spare time.
    7. My first serious relationship & first kiss were at age six--no lie.

    There you go, Lori! Seven sordid details, only one of which you might have guessed about me.


  3. Keith, how interesting! I had the appendix bad-bad at age 11 I think it was -- was living in South America (another random thing) and for some reason we came home exactly one week early, and exactly one week later, I got appendicitis. We were living literally in the jungle on a mission compound, no hospital, and the only plane that could fly over the Andes was broken down at the time. So I probably shouldn't be here, either!

    Rockets -- how cool. You need to come teach Zack, he would love you forever.

  4. Very interesting! I'm so far behind on reading my favorite blogs...pageflakes is too flakey these days.

  5. Anonymous8:45 PM

    When and where did you see Barry Manilow?

    Random thing: I still have dreams about giving tours at Monticello. Usually in my dreams, I'm stressed because I've forgotten key facts or things have been moved around in the house.

  6. Jen, in high school, 9th grade I guess? Dating Mike B., who I'm SURE you remember. Probably why it was Barry Manilow and not something more interesting like Aerosmith.

  7. BTW, the show ended in a very Vegas-esque fashion.

    That put me off concerts for so long that the next one I went to was nearly 10 years later -- Dave Matthews Band in Raleigh, about third row back, with free back stage passes.

  8. Anonymous3:06 AM

    Leave it to you, Lori to get me thinking. OK, here they are.

    1. Diamonds are not a girl's best friend, her dog is.

    2. The thing I fear most is getting alzheimers and losing all my beautiful memories.

    3. Sometimes when you can't be loved the way you want to be, you need to accept the love someone can give.

    4. Life is a dance, and though we may all hear a different beat, just keep dancing.

    5. Cobwebs in the corners is a sign of a creative mind.

    6. Excercise, healthy eating and good clean living may not prolong your life, but it will be so boring that it will seem longer.

    7. So it ain't home sweet home, adjust.

  9. 1. I sang in a backup choir for Barry Manilow in 1983 at the Concord Pavilion in Concord, California. Were you there??? :)
    2. I used to want to be a Forest Ranger... or a Geologist.
    3. I sang in the California State Honor Choir in 1983.
    4. I didn't get curly hair until my first child was born in 1991. I finally decided to grow out my perm and have long, straight hair... but it wasn't straight anymore. DARNIT!
    5. I am related to to John and Charles Wesley - John Wesley was the found of the Methodist church; both John & Charles wrote hymns that are in many church hymnals.
    6. I was in the San Francisco Bay Area during the 1989 7.1 earthquake.
    7. I used to be so allergic to mosquito bites that they would sometimes swell to 8 - 12 inches in diameter.

    Being that you don't know me, I could have put ANYTHING... but these things are definitely more of the interesting details of my life.

    Love your blog!


  10. Hi Mary! Barry Manilow backup -- I went to the Roanoke, VA concert! And John Wesley -- growing up, I went to the Wesleyan church and went on a mission tour for three months in the jungles of South America with them -- another random thing!

  11. Right now I cannot think of any but I will later. If I do I will post them.

    Are you home for a while? I am exhausted just reading about all the shows, and the travels, good grief! where do you get your energy? Glad you are home, hoping to talk to you soon.


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