Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We started Halloween last night, with me stuffing 18 goodies bags for Zack's Kindergarten party:

They included these very cool pumpkin straws:

All which ended up packaged in wicked witch boots:

I then headed to the school to play Mrs. Craft Lady for the party. Since the school for whatever reason has made this a very politically correct party, no one could wear a costume, and the word "Halloween" could not be mentioned. Likewise, we couldn't decorate ghosts or witches, so stuck with fall leaves, as this was officially a "Happy Fall Party". Sigh. But we had fun, glueing each child's photo to the leaf, letting them decorate it with bright sequins and such, and then putting a magnet on the back to make it fridge-ready.

Of course, there were the obligatory classroom cupcakes (which I fortunately didn't have to make this time).
Then off to home for a quick dinner and trick-or-treating with our neighbors' kids. Zack decided to go in the same costume he had last year, and was a race car driver. He's posing by our pumpkin, who has 350 beads as hair. I know it's that many because we used all 350 quilt pins on the pumpkin.
Once his bucket was full, we came home, and it got a little chilly to sit outside and hand out candy, so we put the bowl out on the steps -- as many houses did. I opened my office window just a little, though, because I wanted to keep up with when it was empty.

So I perked up REALLY fast when I heard a voice go, "OH YEAH!" and then a thunder of feet across the lawn, and "Take it all!!!!" coming from the steps. I YANKED open that door (causing two of the boys to scatter), saw candy spilled ALL over the steps and the others stuffing it into their pillowcases. I asked the two girls there just what they thought they were doing, there were still little kids out trick-or-treating, and besides, weren't they a little old to be trick-or-treating? One girl, dressed as a hooker, sat back and said, "I'm only eleven", and I retorted, "Then you should know better, and you should be ashamed of yourselves. Now get out." And that was the end of the candy bowl at this house.

Yeah, ok, I'm asking for an egging. But what the HECK is up with kids these days that they would even THINK to act like that? I never EVER would have thought to act that way at ANY age. And I won't even get into the two girl's outfits, but saying they were dressed as hookers was being kind.

This is why I'm enjoying the Kindergarten days every single minute. So if I'm late getting jewelry on the web site or I don't have time to torch, so what. My job is being a mom, and teaching him to be a good boy (who can still have quite a lot of fun without being a hooligan).


  1. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Halloween costumes aren't allowed at our school either.

    You are a brave woman to leave your candy bowl outside. I personally hand out the candy, so I can control how much each person gets. The last two kids who came just before 9:00 got a huge haul, as I divided the rest between them. After they left, I turned out the lights and now we're done.

  2. The only reason I did it was Rick said all the kids were being so polite by taking just one. Maybe they were just intimidated by HIM!

  3. Well really! And the reason behind all this PC? Halloween is a children's festival now. I remember when mine were growing up they always carried a UNICEF little orange box to collect money for others. It was sweet and they were all looking forward to that. I always had hot chocolate and something to munch for the rest of their "gang" when they were done and the trading started. Since the
    entire group always went out with one or two parents, each year one of us was in charge of the hot chocolate event.

    Arhgggg...I absolutely detest when adults don't take into consideration what a dichotomy this may be for the children. Be good at home for Halloween but don't mention Halloween at school.

  4. Very sad all the way around, kids can't dress up anymore, children dressed as hookers. I don't like the direction this planet is going in.


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