Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Fun Part of Craft Shows-- Stealth Sales

Today I had a bunch of fun sales -- Stealth Sales.

These are the sales I make when a husband and wife, or friend and friend, come in, and one ooohs and aaaahs over something, but won't buy themselves anything, because they have to stick to their list of gifts to buy for others.

I had more than a few this weekend. It works something like this....

Husband/friend notices what the wife/friend longs for. While her back is turned, he nudges me and shows me what she wants. Then I go into Super Stealth Mode -- getting the money squared away and then, if I'm lucky, sticking the box quickly into a bag the husband/friend already has, all without her noticing. If we're not lucky, they all wander off from the booth, and the husband/friend says, "Oh, I'll be right back/I have to run to the restroom/I need to check on something, I'll catch up", and then they scoot back for me to do a hand-off that would make the Secret Service proud.

The BEST part of Stealth Sales is when I slip a little something extra in the bag that even the husband/friend doesn't know they're getting. It doesn't happen every time, it's totally random, but you Just Never Know when the Stealth Fairy will strike.

And that's MY secret.



  1. Anonymous10:23 PM

    How fun!

  2. I love those too! Now I know what to call them.

  3. Great secret. It's in the vault.

  4. Awesome! I love it! I've never had one so stealthy as that, but definitely in the "below the radar" realm. Thanks for sharing your secret. :-)


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