Friday, October 17, 2008

The Craft Show Circuit

I've often said that I have the best job ever, making jewelry for a living. However, for me, part of making that living is doing craft shows.

I did one last week:

Drive six hours on Thursday, set up the booth on that same day (a many-hour job), and then work the show Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Basically, that means being "on" for at least ten hours, a lot of that on your feet. Staying cheerful even when someone casually tosses your jewelry down on the table to go look at another piece that they can throw down (and I do mean THROW), as if that jewelry was just so much lint and fluff to be brushed off a sweater. It's doubtful that they would appreciate it if I went to their office on Monday morning and started throwing their files around and then went in search of a latte.

So I get home from the show on Monday, rush like mad to get everything normally done in one week crammed into two days, because we're off again on Thursday -- driving two hours this time, but on the DC Beltway, set up the display in an expo center that will NOT turn on A/C until the next day (no fault of the show promoters, btw), and start another three day show.

But I do love shows, really. I hate the fact that people steal, or throw things down as if they accidentally picked up a rat, but thankfully, those times are few and far between. I love seeing my regular customers, and I love seeing the other vendors I've met over the years. Today was exhilarating and exciting and I am completely exhausted.

But it's a happy exhausted.

Today was Friday, and most people aren't off work today, so if it was this crazy today -- one can only hope tomorrow will be just as crazy. Good crazy. Exciting crazy.

The kind of crazy that makes me realize, I love my job.



  1. Idiots that pick up your work and toss it should be told how rude they are!
    You do NOT want them as customers if they will be trashing your booth! Man how immature!

    I bet there are, however, those special customers that LOVE and cherish even the ritual of browsing through your creations.
    May you have many more sales!!!!
    Lori, have fun and stay stress free!

    I am SO happy for you!!!!!


  2. Hi! I just dropped by..I love pearls and beading and I adore your besutiful jewellry -you make so lovley things! Best wishes from Eva

  3. Anytime you are dealing with people there will be a fair amount of exasperation. What I don't get is why the bad experiences tend to have a stronger affect than the good. Human nature is a strange and funny thing.

  4. There are far, far more customers that are gracious and excited and a pleasure. I love when my repeat customers come by, even if they're not in the market to buy anything -- after a while, I get to know them, and they know me from this blog, actually.

    The craft show circuit is just way harder on the body and the psyche than people realize!


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