Monday, October 27, 2008

Book Review -- "Mr Sebastian and the Negro Magician"

I haven't done a book review in a while, so I'll share with you a book I read this weekend while relaxing at Prospect Hill with my hubby on an early anniversary get-away. We spent two days with no email, TV, or phones and completely enjoyed it. However, the drive down to drop Zack at Nana's house, then back up to the bed and breakfast, then back down to pick UP Zack, then in the same day drive home -- long, LOOOOOONG hours in the car, and my back problems (of which there are many) are killing me right now. At this point, back surgery looks to be a sooner rather than later thing.

Which is why I'm going to cheat and give you the blurb from about the book --

"Henry Walker was once one of the world’s greatest magicians. Now this dark-skinned prestidigitator has been reduced to a novelty act in a traveling circus. But when this one-time master of the disappearing act disappears himself, it’s up to a motley crew including a private detective, a strong man, a carnival barker and Jenny the Ossified Girl to piece together the puzzle of his life. It’s an adventure that starts with a childhood deal with the Devil and only gets stranger. As the true cost of his Faustian bargain is made clear, is his very identity the greatest illusion of all?"

My bit -- I was immediately captivated. Each chapter is narrated by a different person, so we learn a bit more about Henry from a different point of view. There are a number of interesting twists, and the only complaint I have is the ending. It was very abrupt, but no ending would have been good for me, because I flat out did not want this book to end.

It's a wonderful read, and I recommend it!


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