Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This was my day today. It's kind of typical, too. Something has to give, starting, um, Thursday if I can help it.

1) Wake up at 7:30. Let Zack sleep until 8:10, which was a big honking mistake, as we need to be out the door at 8:30. Decide to start getting up at 7am from now on.

2) Drive Zack to school.

3) I have an hour to waste until volunteer time, so spend it running errands at Target, etc.

4) Go back to the school to volunteer in Zack's class.

5) Get done at his class, have to waste about 30 minutes until my next appointment, so go to my OTHER class I volunteer in and get some work done.

6) Go to the gym to practice aerobics routines. Spend 30 minutes cursing the two CD players that REFUSE to play a sound. Try everything to no avail. Stomp out of the gym.

7) Run home to give the cat his insulin shot and fire off an email to the aerobics director for help.

8) Run BACK to Zack's school to finish a volunteer task, well-armed with Starbucks via drive-through.

(By the way, did you know that even though school lets out at 3:50, if I'm not parked in the circle by 2:45, I will be waiting three blocks down the road to get him???? But that's an entirely different blog entry.)

9) Pick up Zack, race home to get his homework done, a snack into him, into swim gear, and then off to swim lessons (which thank you thank you, my husband took him today).

10) While everyone is gone, do I have time to make jewelry? Oh, I should. But I spend nearly 40 minutes on the phone with the "official" swim wear provider, trying to get all of Zack's equipment ordered.

11) Dinner. In front of the computer, naturally.

12) Make one pair of earrings. Post two pieces on the web site.

13) Rick gets Zack in the tub, dressed for bed, and we all read stories.

13) Get a phone call from my doctor telling me I have spine trouble (likely from my JOB) -- what the hell is disc dessication? Oh yeah, that means I'm getting old. He recommends yoga.

So I ask. Where the heck do I fit yoga in?????


  1. Anonymous8:54 PM

    Do you have to pick him up in the car? Can you park the car and just walk up to the school door or playground to get him?

  2. How about moving some things in the guest closet?

    I know exactly what you are saying, all I want to know is who or whom has made the clock run so fast that the day is over half way into the night. I don't get it, I am tired when I get up these days and that is a big bummer.

    About the discs, they lose that nice soft gelatine like goo around them that allows them to move and rotate without grinding the bone.
    As we get older it goes bunk (highly technical medical term)and we hurt. But you are much too young as a result. The only thing that works is stretching and relaxing. Yoga is good...if you have space in the closet, lol.

  3. Jen -- I steadfastly refuse to have him on the bus, and this year is the first year they've not allowed parents to park and walk up to get their kids. There is also a new principle this year, and it was his decision, I guess. LOTS of parents are furious.

    We're not allowed to walk them to the door in the AM, either, but have to wait in that circle, too, although that one goes faster.

  4. Anonymous2:48 PM

    I think dreaming of yoga should count. Agree?
    Same with housework, losing weight, and cooking.

    Keep going, it gets easier! Christmas is just around the corner!


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