Sunday, August 10, 2008

Washed Out

If you do craft shows, you know you're due one -- the weather disaster.

Saturday was lovely -- setting up the tent at 5am was a breeze because the air was almost chill, and the rest of the day was perfect. Just beautiful, couldn't-be-better-if-you'd-ordered-it weather.


Ah, Sunday.

We knew from perusing and various radar feeds that Collingswood, NJ, was headed for a hurtin'. Most certainly rain. Most probably thunderstorms. Very possibly hail.

I opened up my tent, rearranged some displays with rain and wind in mind, and settled in to see how it would go. It started raining around 11:30 or so, and I zipped up all my walls except for the frontage and was cozy and comfortable. Rain, ok, fine. I'd wait it out, no problem.

And then, thunder. Followed very closely by wicked lightning.

My tent has a curved roof, but as I peeked out and down the street at all the EZ-Up tents with spiky tops, all I could think was what great lightning rods we made.

And then the rain turned into a downpour, and what started as a few artists packing up and leaving early turned into a stampede as we ALL frantically rushed to pack up and clear out.

Really, in retrospect, packing up went pretty smoothly, all things considered. Rick and I were soaked to the skin, but there were no casualties (jewelry, feelings, or marriages). We got on the road in record time, and even with the torrential downpours, I did manage to make sales in the few hours I was open.

So, I've been through 40 mph winds, 100+ heat, and the roof of my tent blowing half off. Oh, and let's not forget, hospitalization in the middle of a show. I'll add this latest to my folder of "glad THAT'S over" and move on to my next show -- this weekend.

REALLY glad it's indoors!

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