Sunday, August 31, 2008


I need to recharge.

Saturday, I had my last show for August (I had three) and thankfully, the last outdoor show (heat=bleh) and now have the month of September off to create and catch up. Or catch up and THEN create, more like it. I do have one class to teach but other than that, it's time to restock all the jewelry that's been sold!

Saturday's show was in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, where we could stay with my in-laws and have a very enjoyable weekend attached to the one-day show. It's always a lucrative show, too, which makes it worthwhile getting up at 4am to set up, usually dealing with hellish heat, and packing everything back up again at 5pm.

Last year, we walked outside at 4am to 85° heat.

Let me repeat that.

It was 4am. In the morning. And it was already 85°. So you can imagine my joy at an almost chilly morning yesterday -- 65°.

This year, Rick's older boys were visiting, and since Rick has a torn ACL and is awaiting surgery, they were coming along at holy-crap-look-at-the-time to help set up. Colin and Rick piled into the Honda, Ryan and I jumped into the van, and off we went.

Or rather, off THEY went.

Click click clickclickclickclickclickclick.

(Insert abject shock and my heart stopping here).

Rick thankfully hadn't gotten far and realized, hey wait, no headlights in my rear view. I mean, I was too freaked to even hit my horn, which was probably a good thing, since (if you will recall) it was 4am. Ryan and I just looked at each other in horror, and when he heard that horrible clickclickclick sound the second time I tried to start the van, he said, "Oh yeah, dead battery."

(Insert the desire to scream, loudly, here).

Thank GOODNESS Rick had jumper cables in his car, but everyone was so flustered that we all promptly forgot how to use them. Imagine the scene if you will -- four grown adults passing the jumper cables around like a hot potato and finally tearing off the instructions that were still attached and trying to read them by the headlights. "Does one get grounded? WAIT, the red goes on the negative, NO it's the POSITIVE" -- it's a wonder we didn't wake up the neighborhood. I sat behind the wheel of my van and said a prayer. Went something like this....


I don't want to have to climb the hill and wake up Rick's father to borrow his truck and I don't think all my stuff will fit and it takes me nearly two hours to set up and customers come at the crack of dawn so how about making this bad boy START?


And the van starts.

So now everyone is rattled, but oh hey, you can bet we're awake! All went swimmingly the rest of the day -- the weather was terrific, I was busy all day long, and there were no other incidents the rest of the day.

So yeah, I need recharging on two levels -- I got a new car battery, but I was uniquely reminded that if I burn my OWN lights too late into the night and don't give myself a rest now and then ....

Well, I'll go click click clickclickclick.


  1. Too funny! maybe not at 4:00 AM but indeed now.

    Go rest and enjoy what is left of the weekend. We are trying to do the same but I get impatient about finishing everything...sigh. Itching to get to my jewelry, I wonder if I will remember how.

    Hugs all around from here,


  2. Anonymous1:31 PM

    From me...pretty much the same as madame allegra. We have decided to re-arrange our living room, as in buying a new couch which throws everything else sort of up in the air... I wish it were literal- then my back would not ache so. I am reading a book called STIFF, a day in the life of a cadaver. It is both highly interesting and funny... take care..susanne/drshuze

  3. Anonymous6:39 PM

    Okay, I know it wasn't funny at the time, but can you laugh about it now? Because I am!

  4. Oh, it's funny NOW! Especially remembering the hot potato with the jumper cables. I'm just surprised we even HAD a set!


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