Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pirate Adventure

Today I took Zack on an Adventure -- a Pirate Adventure!

We showed up at the marina at 10am, got Zack a pirate head scarf, an eye patch, and a little bit of an attitude (someone decided that today of all days, he'd be shy). He decided against the face paint, which was fine with me, and finally allowed me to take his picture.

We set sail on the Sea Gypsy, and the captain immediately started teaching the kids how to make a proper pirate 'ARRRRR' growl. Said captain and First Mate then regaled us with horrible pirate jokes. ("What's a pirate's favorite vegetable? ARRRRRtichokes.")

But what's that? The captain saw a bottle floating in the water, and First Mate fished it out. The bottle contained a message about the mission of the trip, finding treasure, of course.

Out came the map, and a discussion about the pitfalls and dangers awaiting us.

What would a pirate adventure be without a battle at sea? The captain shouted to look starboard (or port?) and what do we see but a scary guy in a huge, ugly skeleton mask, standing on a rubber dinghy and shooting the ship with a Super Soaker. Well, we'll have none of THAT, and the captain turned on the Battle at Sea music (very dramatic) and directed the kids to their own personal water cannons, which pumped water out of the river and quite satisfyingly on Mr. Ugly Skeleton Head.

After Mr. Ugly Skeleton Head was vanquished, the kids discovered a bag of keys on the deck, keys to the treasure we were searching for. Now they started looking over the side for an "X" to mark the spot.

Sure enough, a floating wooden "X" shows up, and the kids get to help with the HEAVE and HO to pull it out. Three keys later, it's opened and full of plastic stuff that only a kid can love.

(I have to interject here -- Zack was FABULUOUS with his manners -- I've never seen kids fall on a box like a tiger on dinner before, and take and take and take and then not let other kids in to get a few things -- and Zack, who isn't all that famous for dealing with issues of that sort that well, quietly stood by to wait his turn, which he only got because the First Mate picked up one of the kids who had been there the ENTIRE time rummaging to make room for Zack. And no parents asked their kids to scoot over or maybe let someone else take a turn. Nice. OK, end rant).

After the treasure, the First Mate found a plastic skull floating in the water, pulled it aboard, and read the note on it -- now we were looking for a burlap sack from Davy Jones with potentially scary things inside. Found the burlap sack, pulled it aboard, and it's Grog (or soda for all the kiddies). Cue fun music while everyone has a snack.

Now time to go home, with more fun music, including the Limbo, and First Mate held the limbo stick for the kids.

So if you're in Easton or Ocean City, MD, check them out....

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  1. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Oh my gosh, that sounds like SO MUCH FUN! My girls would have loved it. I'm glad Zack had such a good day.


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