Monday, August 25, 2008

Have you seen my Flickr?

In between uploading a lot of new jewelry and drying my eyes from thinking about Zack's starting Kindergarten this week, I've uploaded some more photos to Flickr.

What's Flickr? Flickr lets you upload your photos, join themed groups (Abandoned Buildings, Colorful and Colorful, Craft, etc) and comment on other people's shots. It's amazing the talent on there, and I could lose a lot of hours going through it.

I've been so tickled that some of my photos have been noticed and commented on -- makes me want to keep trying and working on my technique. Shooting non-jewelry things has helped me open up a different creative side.

If you'd like to look, click here -- my most current uploads are also floating around on the right side of the blog screen, too.

Comment if you have a Flickr set -- I'd love to see it!

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