Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fame, Fortune, and Reality

I just wrote this for Collective Creatives and thought I'd share it here. Collective Creatives is a co-op blog written by a variety of artists about their creative process and what makes them tick.

I almost ditched this subject, (Fame, Fortune, and Reality) for my Wild Card choice because it made me squirmy to talk about myself in that way. But it ended up being a timely subject to be assigned, as I just got interviewed by Fire Mountain Gems. They said they wanted to include me in their “Jewelry Artist Success Story” section of their web site.

I’ve been interviewed before, by blog owners and once by the newspaper, but it never fails to knock my socks off in surprise. The reality is, I am so busy pushing myself that I doubt I’ll ever classify myself as a success. There are soooo many things left to do! But it’s still such a wonderful pat on the back to get recognition, and it’s always an honor.

Some of my favorite pats-on-the-back come from being “sighted”. While shopping at a bead show, twice I’ve had someone ask, “Aren’t you Lori Anderson?”. They said they recognized me from magazine tutorials or remembering me from a show. That was really cool.

One time my work got recognized and it was a hoot. A woman said, “That looks like something from Lori Anderson” and I said, “I *am* Lori Anderson”. That tickled me to no end.

The reality, though, is these little “rock star moments” never make me think “cool, I’ve made it”. Rather, they push me to keep progressing with my work, to keep submitting things to magazines despite the fear of rejection, to keep tweaking and improving and updating. I also never forget the reason I got into the jewelry design business — to be able to stay home with my child, and be involved to the fullest with his life.

Fame and fortune are fleeting. Being hugged and told “I love you, mommy” are forever.

You can see my eclectic beaded jewelry at www.lorianderson.net

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  1. Anonymous8:07 PM

    I love getting a compliment on one of your pieces and saying (somewhat airily), "Oh, I have a friend who's a jewelry designer..."


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