Friday, July 04, 2008

From Start to Finish

I just published this on the Watch Me Create blog, and thought I'd share it with you....

I thought I’d show you how I get from a pile of beads to a finished bracelet.
It usually starts with the lampwork beads — I line them up and they just tell me what they want to be. The fun comes in matching crystal colors, finding unique silver to fill in the spaces, and of course, just the right toggle.

This is what my table looks like before I start making a bracelet:

Pink and green, a favorite combination lately. I had to find just the right shade of pink and green to match the lampwork beads — here’s my box of pink Swarovski crystals:

Every color — pink, blue, green, whatever — has a crystal box that looks like this. I have every single color of crystal that Swarovski makes, and pretty much in every single style and size, which initially is wheeeeee, expensive, but having all those colors available at the drop of a hat allows me to just CREATE without having to put on the brakes and go online to order stuff.

Here’s an odd thing about my design environment — I have to have the TV on. My work table is sideways to the TV, so I’m not really watching the program, but it has to be for the noise factor. And it can’t be just anything — it has to be this forensic science/murder thriller stuff that I just love. SpongeBob just doesn’t allow my creative juices to flow, so I don’t do a lot of designing while Zack is awake!

So I turn on the CSI Miami, and go to town. TIVO rocks.

And in a little while, I have something pretty to show for my work:

There you go! That’s what I do. From start to finish.


  1. Anonymous11:17 AM

    I've always been in awe of your creativity and now I'm doubly in awe that you can create with any sort of distractions!

    - Jen

  2. It's funny, many would say having the TV on would be a distraction, but if the house is totally quiet, I start to fall asleep! I often have XM Radio on when I'm updating the web site (no TV in that room, LOL!)

  3. I'm totally with you on watching the TV while working--I've tried music, and that just doesn't work as well. I love watching CSI reruns or Ghost Hunters reruns--just enough to listen to, and then you look up at the good parts, heh.

  4. Yep, music doesn't quite do it for some reason -- although I do love the music they use for CSI/CSI Miami!


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