Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I've been experimenting with photography -- not just with my jewelry, but with random things. I've been carting my camera around and stopping to snap things when I find something cool.

I was wasting some time the other day and took a side road and found this incredible abandoned church. Utterly amazing. I have to go back with different light and get a front shot, but I did manage to get some cool ones.

I also found a weather-worn barn:

Now, I have a LOT to learn about this manner of photography, but it's fun, and it's making me look at things with a different eye. Trying to look at the part rather than the whole is against the norm, and I'm thinking this will only help my creativity, and perhaps push me into realms I haven't yet dreamed of.

You can view the entire photostream on my Flickr account by clicking here.


  1. What a nice pictures! They remind me a lot of those you linked in other post, from a man who collected abandoned places pictures. The way you have looked into this place is very artistic.

  2. Those are beautiful and fascinating shots, Lori. The composition is extraordinary. Ever been to St Mary's College near Ellicott City? Nicknamed "Hell House", the ruins and artifacts are super-creepy.

  3. oh COOL, thanks for the head's up! Ellicott City isn't that terribly far from me!


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