Sunday, June 08, 2008

What Today Looks Like

June is a busy month this year. I had a show yesterday, which means today is busier than normal. Here is what today looks like:

  1. Process credit card payments from yesterday
  2. Enter emails collected into database
  3. Enter addresses collected into database
  4. Photocopy all checks collected and run to the bank
  5. Print mailing labels for next show (need to be mailed Friday)
  6. Print coupon labels for next show (ditto due date)
  7. Stick 'em on. Plus stamps.
  8. Get a lot of jewelry onto my Lori2 Etsy site due to Something In The Air from an in-person interview with an Etsy Admin yesterday
  9. Make customizations to a few things purchased at yesterday's show
  10. Finish five custom orders due out tomorrow

And that's just the top ten.

So I'm plugged into my iPod, Zack and Rick are building a model car, and I'm trying to keep the Fritz Factor down.

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