Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Rabbit

Today I was sitting outside taking pictures of my jewelry (still trying to master the whole "natural light" thing) and watching Zack play. Zack, being five, was making plenty of five-year-old-boy noise, so I was completely amazed when I turned and saw this staring at me.

He really wasn't that far away, but certainly close enough that he knew there was a little boy running around. I hushed Zack and he sat down quietly to watch how close the bunny would get....

At this point, we thought we'd lost him. But we sat and stayed still and he got within two feet of us.

Every evening we see this little guy in the front yard, and there's another one (or possibly the same one) that appears in the backyard as well. Pre-Zack, we had a house with a huge backyard, and I had a massive vegetable garden, and the sight of a fuzzy little bunny was not a pleasant sight. I never COULD grow peas, and resorted to spraying everything with hot pepper spray to keep nibbling down. But now that we're on the shore, with no garden, I can enjoy Peter Rabbit.

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  1. HOW SWEET!!!
    I love bunnies!

    How is everything with full time kid company?

    Lori, I was wearing the glass and polymer flower bracelet last weekend and MANY admired it!
    You can sort of see it in the picture on my blog.
    My left wrist, if you want a closer view, click the picture, and it will take you to the blog of the girl who snapped the picture. She has a picture that you can zoom in to.
    It was a humid and rainy day. Thus the shine and frizz! LOL



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