Monday, June 23, 2008

Back from Ocean City

I'm back from the Art's Alive art and craft show, held in Ocean City, MD -- and am exhausted from it!

Last year was my first year exhibiting here, and I did really well. I thought it was probably a fluke due to the weather being a bit cool for playing on the beach and that people visited the show for lack of anything else to do, so had a completely open mind about how this year would be. It apparently wasn't a fluke, because I had great crowds (particularly on Saturday), and the weather was quite nice. Except for the wind. Oh man, the wind. People would come to my booth and say, "Oh, you have such a nice breeze, this is great for you not to be so hot!"

But the breeze was, shall we say, vigorous, and by 4pm, it was no longer a breeze, but gusts of wind. Rick and the owner of the booth next to me dashed to hold onto the man's tent at one point, as the wind caught a side panel and buckled it, bringing a lot of their art to the ground. I had some of my taller displays fall over on a regular basis, so I learned quickly how to rework my tables to show things off nicely without them blowing into the lake!

However, it was well worth the wind. Great customers, lovely sales, and the tent didn't blow down!

Here are a few things that went to new homes:

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