Friday, May 16, 2008

Zack's Preschool Graduation

Indulge me a bit while I write again about Zack, a Proud Mommy moment yet again. Yesterday was Zack's preschool graduation from Christ Church. I got a picture of my little nugget right before we left home... isn't he just the most?

I absolutely loved how they did the graduation ceremony. Instead of a formal cross-the-stage kind of thing, they staged a mini-class session in the fellowship hall for all the parents to see what their kids had been doing all year. Here they are saying the pledge of allegence, right after they sang a song to the flag.

They then did some of their daily routines, like the calendar, weather patterns, and favorite songs. Some of the songs were utterly hilarious and are still running through my head as I write -- in fact,today as Zack and I were walking to the library, we were singing and making up silly rhymes to the "Down By the Bay" ditty.

Then they did give out little diplomas. When Zack got called up, he was so excited -- he shouted, "I knew I'd get a green ribbon!", green being his current favorite color -- much to the enjoyment of the audience.

That shirt he's holding is a surprise shirt he got -- everyone got one. A bunch of friends of his had painted things on it, and the teachers wrote some things that certain friends had said that they liked about Zack. One was, "He has smart ideas and I like to play with him, Love Emery". Another was "We like to knock down blocks. We play together! Love Isaac". How cute is that? Every kid got one.

Because of the way the class was oriented, I got a lot of "back of the head" pictures, and a lot of blurry action shots, but I kept them all, because isn't that what kids are -- fast-on-their-feet, growing-like-a-shot, amazing creatures?

I got a huge folio of his artwork that was saved and not sent home with him and I can't tell you how amazed I was at it. Christ Church is top notch, the absolute best thing I've ever done for Zack. I have no idea how Kindergarten is ever going to compare. Being in the afternoon class, he only had eight other kids with him, and the ability to have that kind of attention is amazing. But it wasn't only the attention -- it was the creativity, the things they did! I'm going to take photos of all his art work and put it up in a Flickr album for people to look at as soon as I can, just so you can see. Totally amazing stuff, and hopefully inspiring to people for ideas of things to do with your own kids.

So there's my little guy, done with preschool, and ready to launch himself into the world of Big Boy School. He's so ready. I am so not. I'm terrified that this is the end of his innocence and I know he has to grow up one day, but since he's my only baby, it's hard for me. Every night I lie awake and just remember and remember and remember. He's just the most, you know?


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    - Jen

  2. What a special, special day!! I can't wait to see his art work!!

  3. YAY!!!!

    Way to go Zack!
    A cool green ribbon and a cool T-Shirt too!!! LUCKY YOU!


    Yay Lori!
    Your boy is so adorable and fun!
    Enjoy the months till the next school year!


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