Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Saturday Sparkle

I was featured today in The Saturday Sparkle on Capitola Girl's blog. I've started posting photos on Flickr (more on that in a minute) and joining various photo groups, one of which is called Saturday Sparkle. My Madison necklace was picked as the feature for this week, and I was interviewed, which was fun!

So what is Flickr?

Flickr is really cool. If you enjoy taking photos, or just enjoy looking at cool pictures, Flickr is an awesome site. There are tons of pictures, lots of groups that are themed, and if you create an account, you can do amazing things. To the right, you can see that I've created a cool motion picture thingee called a "badge" of "Bracelets Past" -- bracelets that have been sold.

If you're interested in visiting my Flickr album, you can click here and see my various photo sets. I add things to them pretty often!


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