Sunday, May 04, 2008

I'm really behind. Really, really behind. But the past few days, it's just been way more important to do extra stuff with Zack. Fridays there's no preschool, and we always have Adventure Days, but our Adventure Day went the entire day, even when Daddy got home, and on into the weekend, and I just never felt like stopping for more than five minutes to ship an order. And I don't regret that.

The best part of yesterday for me was sitting in the driveway at 6:30pm, with a nice cool breeze, blowing bubbles with Zack (we have some KILLER bubble wands we've gotten at craft shows -- BUY HANDMADE!), listening to the distant sounds of the ice cream truck, waiting for him to get to our street. That was a memory I'll revisit often.

Today, after our family bike ride, I was faced with my desk, and Zack is having a Daddy Day so I can catch up. Here's the to-do list.

1. List a couple things on Etsy (

2. Ship a ton of packages

3. Enter last months receipts into Quickbooks

4. Run outside and hug Rick and blow some bubbles with Zack.

5. Finally weigh all those larimar beads I sorted and price them

6. List some bead destash for sale

7. Tickle Zack (he loves tickling, don't ask me why)

8. Coffee, where's the coffee....

9. Write some more articles for Watch Me Create and Collective Creatives

10. Make jewelry after I get Zack to bed (with stories and tickles)

And that's the short list.

It's a good life, you know?


  1. Hi Lori, somewhere between or after you finish your list, please do let me know if you find any egg shaped larimar beads.
    I asked, but I think you didn't see that part in one of my emails.


  2. Anonymous4:13 PM

    It IS a good life!

    - Jen


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