Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Today I bought Zack a set of 55 dominoes. We've been alternating between actually playing the game (well, our own made-up version of the game) and stacking them to knock them down.

I escaped for a few minutes to update the web site when Zack decided he wanted to do everything all by himself. I heard him get frustrated as he kept knocking over the dominoes before he was ready. Sad boy.

So I called him into my office and pulled up trusty YouTube and found videos of those guys that stack a gazillion dominoes just for fun and then pray they don't knock down ten thousand of them before the competition, so I could show Zack that grownups goof up, too. And we found this, and I had to share.

This is 10,000 dominoes per second, done by a German team. I have no idea how many dominoes they have there, but I'm just glad I don't have to clean up THAT play room!

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  1. STunning, absolutely stunning! So funny and somehow typical that it should be a German art event. Thanks for linking it to your blog. Love your jewelry-

    Point Roberts, WA


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