Friday, May 02, 2008

Chain Maille class in Easton, MD

If you want to come learn to make a chain maille bracelet with me in lovely Easton, MD, sign up now by clicking here.

I'll be teaching again at Evergreen Cove in June, and this time I'll show you how to make a Byzantine Rose bracelet out of sterling silver. Chain Maille is an ancient technique, originally used in medieval times to create armor, that has now been adapted to gorgeous metal jewelry. You don't need a soldering iron or torch, just a pair of pliers and a lot of jump rings. Oh, and patience helps.

This is an example of the bracelet we'll be making (minus the amazing turquoise clasp):

This particular bracelet is made with a very heavy gauge sterling, and the class will be using a lighter gauge, to make a more delicate bracelet, but the weave is the same. My thought process behind choosing this weave was it was a combination of two bracelets -- the Byzantine, and the Rose -- so by the end of the class, participants will actually know how to make THREE bracelets.

I hope you can join me!

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