Monday, April 21, 2008

Back from Virginia Beach

The craft show was a great success! Even with a smaller number of artisans, it went quite well for me -- I've got some really incredible customers in Virginia Beach. I've got one private event this month, and no other shows until the St. Michaels, MD, Strawberry Fest June 7, so I'll finally have time to update the web site with a lot of bright, summery jewelry!

Here's a quick peek at some pretties that sold this weekend:

Exquisite and HUGE larimar pendant on a long Bali bead necklace. This is the largest larimar pendant I've ever worked with, and the most expensive necklace I've ever made.

Aptly named "Better Than Prozac", this cheerful necklace is made out of handmade lampwork beads -- 125 of them, to be exact! It sold in the first two hours of Friday, and the woman who bought it wore it out of the booth, and came back later to say she was constantly stopped and asked where in the world she got it. I was sad to see it go (I so loved it!) but it couldn't have gone to a nicer person.

This dramatic piece went to one of my best customers and a terrific friend. Two strands of amethyst and a strand of pearls frame a large Tibetan silver pendant -- a gorgeous showpiece.

This bracelet is made with handmade lampwork glass I picked up at a bead store while taking a class with Stephanie Sersich and I immediately knew they had to go into this chain maille bracelet. I made the chain, but the name keeps escaping me. I'll remember it..... later.

This one was waiting for just the right person who could carry it off -- and it looked stunning on her. It has a lot going on and it is so pretty, especially in person when you can see it glitter and hear it as it moves. Handmade lampwork beads, rose quartz, Swarovski crystal, vintage lucite, cubic zirconia, Bali silver, and a handmade PMC clasp by Joanie Croyder.

Just a few things!

I'll have new things on the web site,, very very soon! So please keep checking it, clicking the What's New link for the newest creations, and thanks for reading the blog!


  1. Anonymous4:36 PM

    I cannot tell you how much I love "Better than Prozac" and how bummed I am that it sold so quickly. (Well, happy for you, sad for me.)

    - Jen

  2. Would it make you feel any better if I told you it was $375? There was a ton of handmade glass in that puppy. A LOT. I really want to make another one but there's no way to make it exactly the same.

    The joy of making that kind of necklace is the color. The pain is how expensive they are. I made it, then added up all the bead costs, and took a big gulp. Yikes.


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