Thursday, March 13, 2008

Jewelry Day!

I've been photographing, cropping, Photoshopping, etc, etc, etc a ton of jewelry shots in preparation for more web site updates and a Craftsman's Classic show in Chantilly, VA the end of the month. I have a silversmithing class this weekend, so not sure how much will get done in the next few days, so I'll leave you with some photos to whet your appetite!

This is an absolutely HUGE piece of rare larimar. I used a lavish amount of Bali sterling silver to create (what I think) is a stunning necklace).

These earrings are rich! Carnelian briolettes beneath, micro-faceted citrine above, and yummy handmade boro lampwork beads in the middle!

I made the chain with large rings of sterling silver and doublets of gold-fill, and then added charms of handmade lampwork glass. The shades range from butterscotch disks to golden rounds. Delish!

See more handmade jewelry at and

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