Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Belated Post About St. Patrick's Day

My friend Kathy reminded me about something that I had every intention of posting about, but had flaked and forgotten, so here it is.

The preschool Zack is in is brilliant. I'm constantly amazed at the projects they do.

For St. Patrick’s Day, they "chased" a leprechaun all week. They came to school one day to find tiny green footprints all over the floor (done really well in paint). Every day, more footprints. The last day, they came in from the playground to find a big pot of gold tinsel. They looked and looked, but no leprechaun could be found in the pot of gold, or anywhere else in the room. Not sure how they explained the story on that one, Zack was vague, but candy was involved at the end, so all was well.

They also got to plant herbs in a little plastic cup, and then they glued a picture of the leprechaun on the front, so when the herbs grow, it looks like his hair.

I only hope his kindergarten is half as fun.

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  1. Anonymous8:01 PM

    It sounds like the kind of place we all wish we'd gone to.

    - Jen


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