Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Little More Eye Candy

I'm busy changing out every.single.price tag. on ALL of my jewelry, from the old tired dumbbell tags to the NEW and IMPROVED super-wonderful die-cut paper tags (I'll show you later, I promise), so not much time to write, so I'll just keep showing you jewelry that will eventually get to the web site. I promise.

A substantial but slinky handmade chain in the Kings Maille pattern, adorned with silver flowers and a large foiled moonstone box clasp. Gorgeous, don't you think?

Handmade lampwork glass, Swarovski crystal, and sterling silver make a safari-inspired bracelet. You can't see the pattern on the toggle in this picture, but it's patterned with vines and leaves.
See more jewelry at www.lorianderson.net!


  1. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Gorgeous, as always.

    - Jen

  2. That kingsmaille bracelet is beautiful. I love the aspect ratio making all feathery and ethereal. :) I'm trying to do it, but I keep getting stuck.I found a tutorial here (http://www.mailleartisans.org/articles/articledisplay.cgi?key=3512), but it's missing the next few steps. I feel so gauche and stupid, now. :depressed expression:

  3. Arete, please feel free to contact me -- I'd be happy to get you on the right track!!!!


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