Sunday, February 24, 2008


I'm grumpy.

I'm working on taxes.


Part of the joy of running your own business is the agony of tax time. I run a tight ship, using QuickBooks to keep everything legal.

I pay sales taxes quarterly to five different states, each with their own different due dates. That's not the hard part, or even the painful part. I collect sales tax at each show, I never consider it mine, I don't cook the books or hide the cash transactions -- I just pay it. Easy peasy.

The HARD part, the PAINFUL part, is annual income tax time. I choose to pay annually, rather than estimated quarterly, so it is especially ouchy. There is a mountain of paper at the end of the year, and even though I keep meticulous records with the aforementioned Quickbooks, I still have a lot of things that aren't "enterable" -- mileage, things like that. And now I'm writing this blog entry as an Exercise in Avoidance so I don't have to face paperwork. I do have an accountant, but just getting it all TOGETHER is a pain in the sit-down.


So, I'll leave you with a picture of my office desk, taken at This Very Minute, to give you an idea of the chaos:

Actually, the photo doesn't make it look all that bad, which says something.

To the left, my "In" box, full of things that must be attended to in the very near future. There's a box of coffee to be shipped to my mom (sorry, mom, ruined the surprise) and a tray of Scrabble tile charms to be shipped out for a charm exchange.

Behind, a fingerpainted picture that I framed (love, Zack), and standing files for show info and tutorials in progress. Those roses are waiting to be attached to ball point pens for writing up invoices at my shows (a good way to keep pens from walking off? Or a sure-fired way to insure they WILL walk off?)

On the computer screen, pictures of jewelry for the web site. On the right, stacked between the monitor and the printer, randomness -- the equivalent of the kitchen junk drawer -- idea books, sketch books, articles, etc.

On top of the printer, my Sizzix Sidekick that I've just started using to cut my own price tags (oh, they look nice!), a stack of postcards to advertise a show, and underneath -- two months' worth of receipts that need to be entered into Quickbooks. Sigh.

OK, I guess I've wasted enough time.

Wait, what's that? A deposit that needs to go to the bank? I am SO THERE. Taxes can wait a little longer, can't they?

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  1. I clicked onto this page after searching for stay-at-home mom groups in Northern Virginia (I guess your page had several of those words). I've never responded to someone's blog before (probably because I don't typically look at them), but I noticed your reading list is very similar to mine. I'm a voracious reader as well (and before motherhood, an English teacher, so I have a particular penchant for young adult books). I like reading different genres (pop. fiction one day and literary fiction another) as well.

    Oh, and lovely jewelry. Don't know if you were there, but I was just at the art festival at the Baltimore convention center. Your items, I'm sure would make a nice addition to the show (for it was more like an art show).


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