Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Book Reviews -- Stephen King and Chuck Palahniuk

I know that a lot of people sneer at those of us who love Stephen King, but I can't help it. He sure can develop a character. I love that with only a few exceptions (Gerald's Game comes to mind) I get really invested in the characters and truly enjoy the book. "Duma Key" was no exception. I just loved the characters, cared about what they were feeling, worried about them -- all that. So what if it's not Faulkner. Who cares? I loved the book, it was hard to put down, I was sorry when it was over, and to me, that means it was a Good Book.

I then read "Invisible Monsters" by Chuck Palahniuk. This wasn't the first book of Palahniuk's that I've read, but so far it's my favorite. Campy banter, grotesque visuals (after all, one of the main characters has her bottom jar shot off -- hence, "invisible monster") -- it's not exactly a beach read, but it's certainly interesting and pretty hard to ignore. Someone at Amazon.com described it as "twisted and delightful" -- I'll second that.

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