Thursday, January 17, 2008

Messy Table

Have you ever wondered what my work table looks like at any given time? Wonder no longer.

A pure creative mess of jump rings, wire, tools, beads, receipts, and Who Knows What All. But oh hey, let's zoom in and see what I've been up to recently:

I've been making my own ear wires! In preparation for more bronze, copper, and brass jewelry, I needed ear wires, and either wasn't satisfied with what I could buy or they just weren't the right style. So I made my own. These are fresh out of the tumbler, on their way to a patination bath -- brass, copper, and sterling silver.

And here's what I'm doing with them:

I love the long lines of these, and you'll be seeing more in the upcoming days, with colorful vintage lucite. The vintage look but with a modern twist!

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  1. If that is "messy", you can never come to my house and work area...somewhere on my blog I think there is a pic...I know I took one...but that is pristine compared to me. :)

    Anyone seen my hammered rings? I know I saw them at one point...

  2. Anonymous9:40 PM

    Very cool!

    - Jen


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