Sunday, December 02, 2007

Product Review -- Paper Source

I love Paper Source. I visit it every time I'm in Alexandria, VA. Not only do they have awesome paper/cards/notebooks, but they have some great gifts and fun things.

I just got their catalog today, and fell in LOVE with this apron -- isn't it cute?

And I love non-traditional Christmas wrap. This reminded me of the tree they just put up at the gym -- totally delightful in hot pink and chartreuse!

For storage, how about these cute suitcases?

And for a fun stocking stuffer, how about their erasers? In addition to Ooops, the have "holy crap" and "s**t", which if you have a wicked sense of humor, can really be quite funny!

And of course, jewelry is the gift that is ALWAYS welcome and uber-fashionable, so get on over to and buy something for yourself! For your wife! For your friend! For your sister-in-law's best friend's hair dresser's daughter!


  1. great finds! i love them - great erasers :)

  2. hello! thanks for visiting my blog! thought i'd stop in for a hello myself. i love this apron - so beautiful, love the fabric and colors. i am a big fan of aprons and have a bunch of vintage ones. i also have my mom's old christmas apron that i wear around the holidays (which i just got out). see you again!


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