Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Zack managed to sleep until 8am this morning, a true Herculean feat! The night before, I'd wrapped all Zack's presents and we moved them from the tree in the play room to the living room. Here's his first sight of the presents:

Notice our cat Buddy in the bottom center watching attentively. Please try NOT to notice that my house is a wreck and things are stored haphazardly everywhichway.

The first thing he noticed was a special stocking that Santa left him. Santa found a very cool handmade stocking made out of NASCAR fabric at a craft show and filled it with a lot of Matchbox NASCARs. He thought that was very cool. (Quick note -- neither my husband nor I care for NASCAR at all. We don't get it. But Pop-Pop loves it and Zack loves things with wheels so there you go.)

Zack has a bad habit of saying, "I want that!" when he sees a toy commercial (it's often followed by, "What is that?") so it was a little tough at first to really figure out what he REALLY wanted. We finally figured out that this Hot Wheels Spin City track was what he really had to have or he would just die. So Ryan and Colin got it for him....

And if you are interested in seeing five seconds of abject joy (seriously, five seconds -- I couldn't figure out the filming bit on my camera), you can click here.

Zack scored a marble run, lots of cars, more Moon Sand, paints, books, etc. etc. I got an Ipod Nano (this will make the gym more fun!) and a ton of books off my Amazon Wish List. Rick got a lot of new music for the car, among other things.

The older boys are at the stage where money is the best gift of all, but they did get a few things. Ryan wanted a good shredder, and he and Colin promptly set about seeing just how many things the shredder could shred at one time:

....which almost made this the Toy That Broke the Quickest.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday!


  1. Anonymous10:04 PM

    It would be no fun to own a shredder unless one tested it to its fullest capacity.

    - Jen

  2. Okay...the picture of those two huddled around the shredder - seeing what they can shred is hysterical!! Thanks!!!! :-)

    Reminds me of that Malcolm in the Middle episode where the Dad rents a chipper and they start seeing what can they mulch...basketball, teddy bears, bikes....cool!


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