Friday, December 07, 2007

Christmas Catalogs and Santa Lists

Here I sit at 11:30 at night, ordering a few things online for Zack-a-moo. There's a stack of toy catalogs that have been coming in the mail since October, and whenever we get one, I put it on his little table and give him a marker and tell him, "Circle what you like".

Tonight I picked up the stack. I am so keeping one of these.

There are black marker circles around some of the funniest things. Who knows why a certain toy appeals to him. More times than I can count, he's said, "I want that!...... What is it?"

He may circle it because of the color. He may circle it because of its resemblance to a toy he has already.

All I know is I'm almost in tears for some stupid reason, HAPPY tears, that I have this little boy.

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