Thursday, December 13, 2007

Busy Bee

I haven't been posting as much -- working on custom Christmas orders, preparing for the bridal show, shopping for and wrapping presents, preparing for family visits -- all good stuff!

I got a package in the mail today from a Secret Santa and it was chock full of things (one of which is the chocolate snowman I'm happily munching on now). One of the goodies in the box was this pretty jar of lavender, which is supposed to help with sleep:

Isn't that pretty??? And it smells divine.

I get to start a new book tonight -- finished "The Shadow of the Wind" today and it goes on my list of one of the best books ever. Wonderful! Anyway, my new book is very special. It's the latest Lord John book, "Lord John and the Hand of the Devils". What makes this special (other than it's by Diana Gabaldon), is that my friend Lisa gifted me with it, and it is SIGNED by Diana Gabaldon! What a wonderful, thoughtful gift. Thanks, Lisa!

My mom arrives for her Christmas visit tomorrow! Zack is so excited. Someone else to spoil him!


  1. oooh! we love Diana Gabaldon, too! She comes to Dayton for a booksigning each time she publishes a new Jamie & Claire, so I've been lucky enough to have all of my books signed. I've rec'd the newest Lord John books but have yet to read them (no time!)
    Let us know how you like them :)

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  3. Oh you lucky duck! I passed all my paperback Outlander books to a friend and promptly bought them all in hardback but none are signed, poo. They have a place of honor at home. Yeah, I'm strange that way.

    I can't quite get into the Lord John series. I don't know why, because I like him.

  4. oooooooooo that lavender jar looks so pretty...... i bet it smells absolutely divine.


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