Monday, November 05, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

I need more hours in the day. Why?

This month I have three craft shows and it's frantic preparing for them. No matter how much I've made, I always feel like I need MORE.

I've been updating the web site daily, like a fiend.

I had three charm exchanges due in the past couple of weeks and finally got all those done.

I have to get more sleep, so have had to try to go to bed earlier than normal -- and failed miserably.

I've been busy writing beading tutorials and that takes a ton of time.

I'm writing curriculum for my first beading class.

Now is the time when most of the craft shows I exhibit at have their applications due. That's a long process, too -- I have said it's like applying to college every year.

And then today, I built a huge electric train set up for Zack -- took about an hour, and he played with it all of 10 minutes. I said a few bad words under my breath, but that's being a mom for you (both the building things, and the occasional swearing).

Oh well, I do enjoy this life, really! If I'm not busy I'm not happy, and multi-tasking is my speciality.

So is making jewelry -- take a look at some new things!

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  1. Anonymous4:02 AM

    Your stuff is always so gorgeous!

    - Jen


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