Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Back from Thanksgiving!

Whee! We're finally back home from our whirlwind Thanksgiving holiday/show week. I'd hoped to post from the road, but a dial-up connection just won't play nice with the blog.

We left for Virginia Beach on Wednesday, two cars packed to the gills. When we got to the beach house, Colin watched Zack while Rick, Ryan, and I headed to the convention center to set up the booth. We've got it down to a science now, even though I keep tweaking things here and there. The latest edition (or rather, a re-introduction, as it's been languishing in storage) is the "Eiffel Tower". It's perfect for the open side of the corner booth, as I can put pendants on all four sides, and it attracts attention and is pretty memorable -- made it easy for people to find me after wandering rows upon rows of goodies!

And oh, the weather! Wednesday and Thursday could only be described as "balmy" -- perfect temperature, beautiful skies, very un-November-like. Thursday, while we were waiting for the turkey to be done and the older guys were watching football, I took Zack to the park, and we walked down to the pier at the beach. Our house has a porch that overlooks the water, which was very cool -- a huge oil tanker was anchored out a ways, which Zack thought was VERY cool.

The show went from Friday to Sunday, and holy heck, but Friday was mobbed! I didn't sit down, didn't eat, didn't do anything but write tickets and box up pretties all day. I could have decided not to show up on Saturday and Sunday and would have been perfectly happy with the financial outcome. What a great way to end the show season! I also feel I have the best customers ever -- I love when they stop by just to chat for a few minutes, or share stories, comment on things they read in this blog -- that's the great part of doing shows. One of my customers even brought me Godiva chocolates, which was an amazingly sweet and unexpected surprise.

Really glad to be home -- there's nothing quite like your own bed, you know? I'm surrounded by a mess of boxes and just STUFF, (where did I get so much STUFF from?) but I'm home. No more shows for the year, just home shows, and I'll be updating the web site with tons of new things soon!


  1. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Glad the show went so well!

  2. Anonymous8:04 PM

    I LOVE the Eiffel Tower display!!!

    - Jen


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