Friday, October 05, 2007

What a long, tough week

Woah, what a week! And not "woah" in the good way, but "woah" in the very bad, let's-not-do-this-again way.

Remember back in July when I had a what I thought was a spider bite, but ended up being MRSA Staph? Well, it came back, and with a vengeance.

Thursday we were all in Virginia Beach, blissfully setting up my tent for the Neptune Festival, when I felt something not quite right on my waist. I looked, and there was a tiny spot, not two inches from the last time I had staph. "Flippin' great", I thought. But I didn't worry too much -- I called the doctor, asked them to call in a prescription for the drugs I was on before, and started taking them.

Friday started the show, and I was fine. Weather was great, customers were everywhere, and I felt fine, other than localized "ouchiness" near the spot.

Saturday, I headed back to the boardwalk and started Day Two of the show. Even MORE people and sales were great, but around noon, I just started feeling icky. I thought I could gut it out until 7pm, when the show ended, but at 5pm, I asked my husband to help me shut everything down and take me to the ER.

Then it really got fun.

I had spiked 103 temperature, and the spot and turned my entire abdomen an angry, hot red, and I got moved way up the line of ER patients. I am quite sure I scared everyone in the waiting room when they cut into me -- the Lidocaine hadn't hit quite yet and I think childbirth would have been preferable for pain. Took them five tries to get an IV started on me. I got morphine (AFTER the cut, but whatever) and at 2am they admitted me.

So here I am in Virginia Beach, 3 hours from home, with my husband and child in limbo wondering when I'll get out. The doctor said I'd be there until at LEAST Tuesday, so I sent them home and concentrated on getting better.

I spent almost the entire time on Dilaudid (good pain killer, very good, but kept wearing off too fast) and some heavy-duty antibiotics. They ended up putting in a PICC line to keep from having to tear up my veins any more, which was a strange experience but a necessary one. And finally, on Wednesday afternoon, I got to go home.

So that was my weekend! Today was the first day I could actually get out of bed, and I'm fast approaching Vicodin Time, but thought I'd get you up to date!


  1. Anonymous9:15 PM

    I'm no one you know, just an 18-year-old budding jewelry designer who came across your blog and REALLY admires your work. I was at Intergem today and was actually worried when you weren't at your booth. Glad to hear you're okay, and sending good vibes your way. :)

  2. Anonymous2:06 PM

    Holy moly!

    You know, I was thinking that your silence was suspicious and was just about to call Rick to see if you were okay.

    Be forewarned, I've handed out about a dozen of your cards in the past five days.

    - Jen


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