Thursday, October 11, 2007

Janet Evanovich rocks the house

I just love Janet Evanovich. Her Stephanie Plum novels make me laugh out loud, which would be fine, except that I do most of my reading after 11pm, in bed, next to a sleeping husband.

I read a LOT. And sometimes after I read a book I want to do something for the author, because their book moved me so much/made me laugh/made me stop and take notice in some way. So I'll send a present, which from me means jewelry.

I've sent jewelry to a number of authors, and have gotten emails from them, but this is the first time I got a hand-written note from someone. I got this lovely note from Janet Evanovich today, thanking me for a pair of carnelian/citrine/gold earrings I made for her (with her gorgeous red hair in mind). It just made my day!

If you're not familiar with Janet's work, go to and check out her stuff. Particularly, take note that she'll have a fun store online before the holidays -- I'm eyeing a "Rangeman" hat,

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