Monday, September 10, 2007

OK, here's another one for you

I've been sucked into YouTube tonight, largely because after seeing the lackluster performance Britney Spears gave the VMA's, I wanted to see what she had done in the past. Girl could perform in the day. I wish she would get a good support network behind her (where the HECK is her MOTHER, and why isn't she BEING a mother?) but it's gotten hard to feel that sorry anymore -- she had so much and she's just frittered it all away. If you want to see her really rock a performance, check her "Slave 4 U" VMA performance on YouTube. Night and day from what went on last night.

ANYWAY. I digress.

In watching these old videos, I ran across a Pepsi commercial that I've never seen before, with Britney, Beyonce, and Pink, doing "We Will Rock You" in a Roman ampitheatre. Pretty cool. Pink seriously had the voice for this one. If you're interested, click to watch:

OK, I'm done with YouTube for a while


  1. Anonymous8:27 AM

    That was seriously cool. But what an odd assortment of performers. It's as if they were chosen based on who would look good in the costume.

    - Jen

  2. Oh I totally agree. I was particularly bewildered by Beyonce. But I think Pink just nailed it.


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