Friday, September 14, 2007

Dragonfly in Amber

I am hooked. Diana Gabaldon is going down as one of my favorite authors EVER.

Have you ever had a book, or even better, a series of books, that captured your soul, captivated your mind, caused you to get so invested in the characters that you've actually shed tears over them?

If not, you probably think I'm losing my ever-loving mind.

But if so, then you know how I feel about the Outlander series. I just finished the second book, "Dragonfly in Amber", and if possible, it was even better than the first. After I finished reading "Outlander", I promptly made the 45 mile trip to Barnes and Noble and happily bought the remaining five books in the series. What made me especially happy was the sight of those books stacked sky high, each around 1000 pages each, and knowing that I was going to have many nights of blissful reading.
Unfortunately, as my friend Jen can attest (I sent her "Outlander" when I was done), it's QUITE easy to lose sleep because I can't put the book down. A lot of sleep. Lots. Gone.
But I'll take that, for the joy of reading this series. Heaven help the first book I read after I'm done with them all -- it's doomed by comparison.

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